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The Big Wheel Kid

When I was a toddler, I remember taking my sister’s purple and white big wheel as my own when she grew too old for it. I remember not caring about the colors and simply getting a kick out of the speedy machine that was essentially my first mode of transportation beyond my own two feet. But soon, with the excitement of my new toy, I rode the big wheel into dust.  Holes came peeping through in the front wheel until eventually, one day, the wheel collapsed on itself.

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Xterra Sport Richmond ’08

This is an article that was written a month after my high school graduation and published in The Richmond Times Dispatch. Andy Thompson, the writer of the article, met me out riding the James River trail system a couple weeks before the event. I knew he was a sports columnist because I had read several of his articles and we ended up riding for several miles together, conversing the whole way. He came to the event to spectate the pro race. But, when I crossed the finish line first in the sprint race, I managed to attract his attention to write a column on another story. I hope I can satisfy these expectations established when I was such a young athlete. Continue reading Xterra Sport Richmond ’08

2011 Season Recap

I am two days into the off season following my sixth year doing triathlons. Having taken the last two days away from training, I already miss the sport like mad. I am so excited about breaking the 37 minute 10k barrier that has plagued me all season. My coach and I have known it has been in me all year but bad nutrition, exhausted legs, and poor performances have kept me from achieving the goal I established at the beginning of the year until this last race.

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Giant Acorn Triathlon 2011

“Dude, are you sure you should race?” one of my teammates from Virginia Tech asked me.

“I don’t know man, I’ll just give it a shot,” I responded as I wiped the vomit from my lower lip with my sleeve. The race hadn’t even begun and I had already lost my breakfast and all my fluids. At the time I thought I was about to have the worst race of my life. I had no idea I was in fact about to break down some barriers in triathlon that when I was a kid, I had never thought possible.

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