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11 of the best climbing videos ever

1. James Pearson on “The Walk of Life”

James Pearson making the first ascent of The Walk of Life with runout poorly protected featureless slab with a HUGE whipper. Doesn’t get any better than this. “You start off and you climb almost 10 meters with no gear and then you get a really, very bad nut which is, maybe you’d hang your coat of it.”

2. Pamela Shanti Pack on “The Kill Artist”

Pamela Shanti Pack doing what she does on Moab off-widths. “Really glad I didn’t die on that.” Lol what?!

3. Arnaud Petit on “Black Bean”

Awesome video with his post-send commentary as the video rolls of him progressing up the wall.

4. Lee Cossey on “Agent of Cool”

Another series of crazy anti-drag maneuvers with Lee Cossey working his way up “Agent of Cool”. A beautiful line with super steady climbing.

5. Jason Kruk on “Boogie til you puke”

An all time classic. “I guess if you climb enough off-widths, one of these days you’re gonna get your knee stuck and shit your pants. It’s just an odds thing, really.”

6. Hazel Findlay on “Once upon a time in the southwest”

Second showing of Hazel Findlay on this list and the second feature of Dyers Lookout wall in England. “At half height you have to run it out a little bit. And that feels kinda cool cuz you’re not hindered by placing loads of shit gear all the time.”

7. Steph Davis on “Pervertical Sanctuary”

Steph Davis crushing it on one of the dream walls out in Colorado, free soloing The Diamond on Longs Peak with a wild soundtrack.

8. Alex Honnold on “El Sendero Luminoso”

“It’s just kind of weird helping your friend do something that you know could potentially lead to his death.” Beautiful video of Alex Honnold free-soloing in El Potrero Chico, Mexico with assistance from the amazing Cedar Wright.

9. Leosvany Hernandez Rodriguez on “Wasp Factory”

Incredible video from Renan Ozturk featuring the Cuban climber Leosvany Hernandez Rodriguez in Viñales, Cuba.

10. Siebe Vanhee and Sean Villanueva on Tsaranoro massif in Madagascar

“Then you have to organize the bags. Again. It’s always better to do it in your underwear. Now we can commit to the unknown of this vertical ocean and go where no human has ever been.” Crazy dudes.

11. Dean Potter on The Nose of El Cap

I love the imagination and guts it takes to solo rock climb and Dean Potter shows the crazy crap it takes to race up El Capitan alone. An antique video at this point but still amazing to watch.

Exploring Rock Climbing Tinker Cliffs

A few days ago I hiked up from the valley in southwest Virginia to scout out rock climbing Tinker Cliffs and check out the possibility of setting up some solid routes. From a mile down in the valley, the possibility for rock climbing on Tinker cliffs appear endless. And up the 3+ mile Andy Layne Trail to reach the summit of Tinker Cliffs, I found exactly that. The beta for the Cliffs is sparse, with the Mountain Project info limited to a few comments on a forum and other sites simply hinting at the possibility. So I wanted to hop up there and see what rock climbing Tinker Cliffs would look like up close.

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Climbing at Pilot Mountain

There we were, scrubbing horse crap off my dog, chronicling another installment of the misadventures of Snotty Booger and The Grace Face. Scott held Rosie’s ass in the air as I scrubbed the horse shit off the back of her neck. After a long day of climbing at Pilot Mountain State Park from nearly dawn till dusk, there we were in the park bathroom bathing my dog and she was not happy about it. She tried to wrestle her way out of it, sliding her soap covered paws around the bottom of the small sink with her ass unflatteringly held in the air by Scott. Speckles of horse poo trickled down into the sink and the odor of feces became replaced by the aroma of the cheap hand soap that I scrubbed into her fur. I wasn’t about to put this poopy face mutt back into my backseat for the drive home and was feeling sympathetic toward Scott for having to ride back there with her. In lieu of a knob, the sink had one of those horrible satanic plungers that you have to depress every three seconds to keep the water running. And I honestly struggled to understand how water so cold could remain in liquid form. But hey, guess what you little turd neck, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I freed her when the soap and poop particles were all gone and she bolted around the bathroom like a maniac, dodging the vicious beastly hand dryer on the wall and shaking as she stormed around. Continue reading Climbing at Pilot Mountain

Assumption of Risk

My granddad just turned 83 a few days ago. And as a former cop, he didn’t get there by being a dummy. He has always taken care of himself, paid attention to risks around him, avoided alcohol, and kept himself busy. I’ll never forget seeing him clearing downed trees in his driveway despite being in his 70s. But one thing that has always stood out to me was how he refused to fly on planes. He had helped clean up a plane crash with the bodies of 74 corpses of young soldiers just outside of Richmond in 1961. But despite improvements on air travel and being told about the safety of flying, he decided he would never accept the risk of it, and there was no changing his mind. Continue reading Assumption of Risk