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It’s been almost three years since that cold, rainy day in October. I was racing at my best, at least on the good days. I can’t truly explain why I stopped. Likely it was a number of factors. I was graduating college and transitioning into the working world, beginning to realize that at the top levels people were willing to do some dirty things to win, was tired of the grind of training, and I wanted to try something new. I had grown up with triathlon, and needed to stop racing to remember exactly why I started in the first place.


I have truly enjoyed my adventures the past few years, from cross-country road trips to open ocean kayak expeditions, from long distance backpacking to mountaineering, and I’m certainly not done with those exploits. But with med school really picking up, I need a passion that I can keep at home with me. My parents have been egging me to get back into racing, undeniably because they want to keep me out of the ocean and off the high mountains. Some good friends have also encouraged me to come back, and old some old rivals want another go at topping me on the podium. It’s been tough for me to deny my interest in getting back into racing triathlons. I’m older, wiser, and more settled. I’d certainly race faster than I was and I’m interested to see what I can do. So it’s time to come back.


I will start with Patriot’s Sprint Triathlon on September 13 this year. I’m thrilled to be working with Dave Luscan, a coach from Richmond, who will be helping me achieve my goals. I will race the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Triathlon Series with intentions of qualifying for Collegiate Nationals in the spring. I’ve long dreamed of a top 5 finish at that race and I fortunately have the opportunity to continue chasing that dream racing for Eastern Virginia Medical School for three more years. Time to remember how to swim, dust off the bike, and get the speed back in my legs. And it’s certainly time for the return of the ‘stache:

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