Millinocket, 5.2, 8/22

P8230038Today, on day 2 was my first rest day of the 2k mile journey. Yesterday I completed the longest and hardest climb on the entire trail so I guess it is fitting to rest today. Today was meant to rescharge my legs, check gear, have fun with my parents, and enjoy the beauty of Maine.

Instead, today turned into an adventure in itself.

During the last ice age, glaciers carved pits and mountains on the Maine landscape. As that water melted, lakes formed and mountains settled. After summiting the highest point in the area, today my parents and I rented a canoe to explore one of the lowest. In Virginia, we have 2 natural lakes. In Maine, there are 2,200.

Me and my dad learning how to paddle in a straight line was an adventure in itself.

Tired from exploring the lake just outside of the Bed and Breakfast, I laid down to enjoy a five minute nap. Literally five minutes later my dad ran in and had the call not been worthwhile, he was going to get a beating. But the offer was beyond fair: a plane ride. Exploring the modes of transportation around Maine- that was the game.

Honestly I could not have imagined a better send off.

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