Katahdin, mile 0

They call this place great but I’m struggling to see ten yards off the summit. Its not raining but it might as well be. My arm hair have collected droplets and my head is drenched. The corners of this paper are curling up and my pen is being moody on this damp paper.

I asked a man as he limped down the mountain, “Are those cuts from today.”

“No, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Maine. Worst decision of my life. Why anyone would come out here for five months to do this beats me.”

Last night I woke up frightened about my hike and wanted to call the whole thing off. The doubts about leaving all things comfortable behind were beginning to get a little overwhelming.

But when I stepped into the woods today, August 21, 2009, I knew I was in my place. Despite the damp, cold start to my adventure, I felt warm and excited.

My goal is not to make it to Springer Mountain, Georgia. My goal is to hike and struggle and enjoy and live each day between today and then.My goal is to grow and take control of my life. To gain at least some sense of my purpose here in the world that overwhelms me.

I walked in solitude today with only the great earth as company. Setting out on this trip is no mistake. Beauty surrounded me in the deepest for and harshest wind “The Great Mountain” could bring. Being out here is not mistake. Living simply from day to day is no mistake.P8220009

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