Abol Pines, 15.1, 8/23

The battle of Abol Pines began today. The war is on. The soldiers managed to infiltrate all my defenses, but my legs were faster than their aerial forces. I out-ran the little buggers after fighting them off for nearly three miles. They seem to be attracted to the smell of DEET bug spray and have no fear. It amazes me how brave their forces are.

Many of the infantry lost their lives today in the battle and although I survived their attacks, my drastic loss of blood hast left me weakened.

They cannot seem to infiltrate the barrier I have established known as nylon and no-see-um netting. Hopefully this defense remains satisfactory till I regain strength for the battle to continue tomorrow.

The General Store is out of ammunition in my defense. I think the mosquitoe army has bribed the owner to not stock 100% DEET. But I cannot surrender despite my lack of resources. I must continue on.P8220023

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