Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to, 9/2, 123.6

I couldn’t stand the city anymore. I expected to feel rejuvenated, clean, and excited in town but it only brought me away from why I was out here.

The logging trucks sped through the town at thirty miles an hour which to someone who has not moved faster than three in over a week, that is a little overwhelming.

On the phone with my mom she actually told me to leave, to hike back in the woods. I knew what she meant though. The reason I had left in the first place was because the world was too overwhelming for me. And now a toilet, tap water, shower, and a bed had teased me back. At least I realized this early on that taking a zero is not what I needed. After a mere ten days out there a town so small you can yell across it, I am this overwhelmed with its hustle. I hate to imagine what five months away and going home to Richmond will feel like.

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