Let’s be inefficient

We drove into the night “Trying to make good time” as my dad put it.

I am going on a four month trip with no consideration or desire for the destination. I wanted to make the trip to Maine a fun one. But instead, OnStar lead us to bypass all the major cities, making us merely commuters on our way to the drop off.

I used to be a sucker to this outlook that has overtaken the worlds. I was raised to hold my bladder because “we’ve got to keep moving” and go hungry to minimize the stops. It took me to the point of absolute efficiency, stress, and misery to realize that I was missing out on one of the greatest times to see the world. Now I feel that traffic jams are there to slow life down and I’ll choose the road that goes right into the mayhem.

We could fly over the land, avoiding all interactions, or we could take the interstate around the city, or we could travel through the woods on foot.

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