Monson, ME, 114.5, 8/31

After developing a rash on my back that feels like laying on broken glass every time I put my pack on, I decided it was time for a shower at any cost. I hiked hard today to make it to Monson, Maine where I am staying at a hiker hostel called Shaw’s in town. The owner is like a mom on loan to all the hikers. She takes great care of us.She cooks us good meals and makes sure we have a warm bed and clean bathrooms to rejuvenate our spirits. I have been walking around in sweatpants and sweatshirt I am guessing from goodwill that she lends out to hikers to wear while we wash out clothes.

I have had two huge meals already but plan on getting in another couple before I leave again tomorrow morning. I can tell I have already lost weight so more ice cream and pizza is of necessity at this point. I have really enjoyed the last couple weeks and I am excited for having made it 5% of the way through the woods. I have a lot of more adventure ahead of me and I am really excited.

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  1. Go Grayson Go! Talked to your dad and got his version of the hike up Mount K. You were kind to him in your post. I have tried to follow your progress on the Spot website via the link you posted, but it keeps telling me “no messages to display”. Are you using the thing or am I as pitiful as your parents when it comes to technology? Congratulations on finishing the 100 mile wilderness. The Whites are yet to come!

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