Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to, 9/3/09, 136.6

I met a couple of brothers who have been living a life of adventure that I intend to enjoy. They have ridden motorcycles across the country. They lived in Alaska for two years where they saw the Northern lights at least once a week. The older of the two rode his bike down the east coast. Meanwhile the other was learning hand to hand combat technique from a man in Israel. Now they are hiking the Appalachian trail.

I wondered if they could possibly have any regrets having done exactly what they wanted to do as it harmed no one else. They seem to not have any financial difficulty I guess because of either generous parents or wise saving.

But they said the main problem is that they have no education. The younger never even s at in a high school classroom. The older dropped out sophomore year. My curiosity of the world does not end in the classroom nor does it end when I leave the class.

Out on the trail there are people with GED’s and PhD’s and both seem to agree that a dose of both adventure and classroom learning is the perfect education. One man has already told his daughter that he learned more at age 43 on the trail in five months than he did in his seventeen years of schooling. She is twelve and already has a savings account devoted for her future thru-hike.

I have had doubts just as I guess most people do about whether school is right for me. It is. I am going back next August and I intend to be excited for it. I have a mom and dad that are willing to pay for it and that is not an opportunity I want to regret missing out on.

After college, maybe I’ll go to Alaska or ride my bike across the country or learn combat techniques from a master. But at least I’ll have an education that will let me return to a comfortable life once I want to slow down again.

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