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The giant of the north

I do not like to be risen by unwelcome noises. The clang of hoof on rock was no different. I half asleep mumbled curses to the wildlife across the pond. When the sounds continue, I finally understand that hoof on rock means a moose. I quickly slip out from my sleeping bag and rip the tent door open. Barefoot in only my underwear, I run to a clearing on the pond where I look across and for the first time in my life spot a real moose, not a head, not a cartoon, a real bull moose.

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Unexpected visitor

A group of two British couples had set up camp on the other side of the Lakes of the Clouds Hut. Earlier I had chatted with them as they slowly trudged down from the summit. They whined about pack weight but reassured themselves that it was right to prepare themselves for their next adventure. One man had 6 liters of water on his back. It was sloppy, it was pitiful. They had no experience, no knowledge of what they were doing. They stumbled down the mountain, tripping on stones, trampling exotic arctic plants that could only be found on this small patch of elevation in this beautiful area in New Hampshire.

Lakes of the Clouds Hut

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Story of Everything

I wrote a post once called Story of Nothing and after reading it again feel the need to clarify an element of that poem I wrote. I am not into poetry, just like I said before, primarily because I want people, including myself, to actually understand what I am writing about.

I felt that the poem was a little confusing for one main reason, the title. The title “Story of Nothing” may produce thoughts of a nonexistence to people but it means the exact opposite. But I gave it a title that would help me remember why I was about to say “I love it…” fifty times.

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