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We live in a deterministic world where every movement is a result of the infinite movements preceding it. I could limit this claim to the 13.8 billion years preceding this temporally measurable moment but then that would give people the idea that there was an initial movement at that time, one created by some impossibly intangible superior being. Why claim though that there was an infinite mover than to simply claim that movement itself is infinite? Thus we acknowledge that it is likely that the movement 13.8 billion years ago was simply a result of a movement that preceded it.

A confused vision of our earth claims misunderstanding or even inability to understand. Continue reading Determinism

Post Script

I feel the need to clarify some things written in a post titled “My reason for god” as well as state some things I forgot to mention and highlight some other points.

To me, god is not defined in the undefined. God is not limited to what we cannot explain. In that, we would simply be admitting to inadequacy. Instead, I believe in those points, god can be evident. However, what I really see as god is a belief that this is all too strange to have been an accident. With that said, I believe that thought can be left at that. I do not have claim to have conversations with this force nor do I claim to be able to define it. I simply filled in the three letter word in place of my amazement of existence.

When I was younger, I abandoned the term god for that word above, existence. Continue reading Post Script