Post Script

I feel the need to clarify some things written in a post titled “My reason for god” as well as state some things I forgot to mention and highlight some other points.

To me, god is not defined in the undefined. God is not limited to what we cannot explain. In that, we would simply be admitting to inadequacy. Instead, I believe in those points, god can be evident. However, what I really see as god is a belief that this is all too strange to have been an accident. With that said, I believe that thought can be left at that. I do not have claim to have conversations with this force nor do I claim to be able to define it. I simply filled in the three letter word in place of my amazement of existence.

When I was younger, I abandoned the term god for that word above, existence. I used existence in its place because it seemed the most overwhelming thing imaginable. When I stare at my palm and flex my fingers, another thing occurs than amazement that the action happened upon my ungraspable will. I look at that hand and cannot believe it truly exists. I cannot believe anything exists because it seems too absurd to believe. Instead, of fueling over this disbelief, I choose to trust and let it go. Otherwise, I would probably be spending my days in the padded rooms of a mental hospital.

What I wrote in my post a few months ago was not an argument. It was simply a statement of what I feel, what I philosophize. Alongside that statement, I want to highlight a point I made that the conceptualization of God is not necessary. I firmly believe we can be completely adequate with no conscious thought of relation to God or major religions. However, I do believe in the necessity for awe. I think we need to have a concept of the finite and the infinite, life and energy, and other matters expanding beyond the superficial. Atheists and followers of organized religion alike have attempted to conceptualize god. I don’t think this is necessary in the least bit. To seek understanding I firmly support but to attempt to explain things through something that is inexplicable in itself is silly. However, science fails to explain my existence, so that is where simply ignoring the question comes in for me.

To reiterate:

1. I do not claim to have any sort of relationship or connection with an entity called god.

2. I am beyond frustrated with organized religion. I think that the word ‘god’ has caused more harm than good for humanity.

3. I can empathize with the desire for a supernatural being but I do believe conclusions on that topic are ignorant and deceptive.

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