No it will not be hard for me to go back. I will not do something just to say I did it. I am in the woods for a reason. Honestly, I still do not know what intrigues me about it and why I am so happy out there. After two months, that question remain unanswered. It may be that way forever.

Yeah I enjoy sitting on a toilet and not having my entire body itch. I will miss my comfortable bed and being dry and warm. But something about the past two months has changed everything. I feel on track now. As opposed to last year, where I feel I regressed, my life has returned to a progression.

Tonight, I once again walked away from watching “Marley and Me” the beloved dog reaches his life’s end. I do not want to be reminded of loss. A man on the trail put it to me as we appreciate the time we had with them rather than fueling over the loss. I’ve suffered through my time of mourning for the late Maggie Cobb, but now I have Ruby and Lola Cobb and I’ll enjoy the smiles they bring me thinking about or witnessing their antics.

So I watched Wall-e, a movie so complex that on my thirtieth time watching it I still found new metaphors and themes.

The world is a mess right now. The safest place on earth is away from the next person.

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