It’s midnight, turn the page.

Will I make it to Georgia? I don’t know. Will you live to be 100? The chances are similar and the ability to predict the answer is equally impossible. I am in New York right now, or at least close, and I like it here. It is a beautiful state and I am enjoying it.

Sure Connecticut has its ups and downs, literally. But none of the ups are too high and none of the downs are too low.

The leaves are in full change, the world is in full change, and my life and my attitude are both following close behind.

Will I get to Georgia? I don’t care.

A man approached me, discovered I was a thru-hiker and told me “Man, you may not live long, but you are living hard, and you are doing it right.”

He was over sixty, breaking down, and realizing that he had never been on an adventure. Essentially his life had never been an adventure. It was plain.

So I may mess up. I may find sometimes the lows are too low and the highs get me a court date of April 10, 2009.

Clear skies, Connecticut countryside, my two feet, and everything I need to survive is on my back. No I am not bored. No I am not lonely. And no, I do not envy you. I am content and I am alive.

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