Osgood Tentsite 323.8, 9/20

Last week a hiker showed me a video he took of a black bear repeatedly bluff charging him attempting to take the hiker’s food. The hiker stood his ground and managed to get quite a freaky video out of it. The ranger tells me that there are two problem bears in that area. They continue to steal peoples food and they are not deterred by being continuously shot with rubber bullets.

That video was taken here at Osgood tentsite. Those two bears are walking around here somewhere. I am laying on the ground cowboy camping (without a tent). My food is poorly hung and I don’t know what to expect or know how I will react when approached by a hungry bear.

Next morning; The guy sleeping about fifty yards away had his food bag raided in the night. None of us woke during this process but shreds of his stuff is scattered everywhere. I guess I got lucky he showed up and his food smelled better.

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