Lakes of the clouds hut, 333.9, 9/21

Today I crossed the Presidential range, probably the most beautiful and most populated summits in New England. 55% of the time, Mt. Washington is in the clouds. Today the sun was so bright it roasted all my exposed skin.

Climbing Mt. Madison I came upon two thru-hikers who said to me “It’s worse going down.”

I asked him “Have you even gone up it before”


“Then you wouldn’t know.” I downed two liters of water and took over an hour and a half to travel one mile. I would have much prefered travel down Mt. Madison. That is seriously the last place on the entire trail that I would return too. Maybe the combination of lack of sleep from fear of bears, and built fatigue from the difficulty of South Maine has broken me down. Time for something to remind me of why I am out here and it looks like the sunset is going to do just thatP9220543

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