Cycling in Virginia Beach

Thank you so much to drivers who share the roads with me on my bike each day. I really appreciate the room that most drivers give me and the slow speed and patience they have when they pass me. I am not asking for an entire lane. I simply appreciate it when, if drivers cannot give me much room, they pass me slowly. It makes my passion a lot more enjoyable.

To the drivers who try to get a point across and nearly run me over. Please remember, I am somebody’s son. Know that running over me will not “teach me a lesson”. It will only put you in jail and make for a very unhappy mom and dad. If you think I shouldn’t be on the roads, please write a letter to a politician in your area, or vote for the guy who advocates additional bike lanes. Trust me, I hate riding on busy roads just as much, if not more than you hate me riding on them.

Also remember, I am riding in thin spandex, not leather. I am on a machine that weighs less than your cat. And I frequently ride at deadly speeds. It hurts really bad when I hit the ground.

I am allowed by law to ride on these roads. I am a driver as well. However, that is not how I want you to think of it. I want you drivers who think it is okay to nearly run me off the road to understand, this is my passion. I love doing this, just as you may love eating, or playing soccer, or playing with your dog. And I understand that there are frequently people who like to make everyone else miserable with their pessimism, you know who you are (you give small tips, frequently like to complain, criticize people who are laughing or having fun, etc.). But there are very few murderers in this world. So unless you are a miserable person who also wants to kill somebody, then please just slow down when you drive past me. I don’t even ask for more room, just simply slow down so if you hit me you won’t kill me.

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