BMT/AT north loop gear list

I’ve posted several theoretical gear lists over the past few weeks and just wanted to post an update of an actual gear list that I’ll be using on a trip down in the Smokies this upcoming week. I just got done with a string of five exams in the last two weeks and with my first med school spring break having just begun, I am stoked to be getting out in the woods for a short fastpacking trip. I’ve laid everything out and with low temps in the low 40s, think I can get away with a base weight of just below 3.5 pounds, FSO (from skin out) base of 5.74 pounds. The trip is the 170 mile North loop of the Benton MacKaye Trail/Appalachian Trail in Great Smoky Mountain National Park starting from Twentymile Ranger Station near Fontana Dam, heading north on the BMT, resupplying at Davenport Gap, then back south on the AT. The theoretical total was 8.7 lbs. but it ended up coming out to 7.8 with 2 days with food and 1L water.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.46.49 PM
Red is the BMT, Orange is the AT to the north

IMG_5275 IMG_5277

7000 calories of happiness
7.8 pounds when all packed up
Poncho tarp, guylines, 2 stakes 3.52
Neoair x lite 7.4
Mtn Hardwear wind jacket 1.6
Salomon 10+3 pack 11.84
Enlightened Equipment Enigma quilt 8.65
Bottles 0.8
Bleach 0.35
White Buff 1.17
Spoon 0.35
iphone cord 0.27
Phone 4
Wallet 0.52
ion headlamp 1.52
Mtn hardwear Ghost whisperer jacket 6.74
data pages 0.36
Matches 0.06
Platypus bottle 1.18
Pack liner 0.32
Headphones 0.4
 compression sack  1.21
Polycro groundcloth 1.04
Pad repair kit 0.1
Toothbrush 0.13
Compression sleeves 2.11
Toothpaste dots 0.13
2 Ziploc bags 0.14
Water 35.2
Food 3lb 48
Base (pounds): 3.49
Base (ounces): 55.91
Total (pounds): 8.7
Total(ounces): 139.11
Arcteryx Phase sl 3.34
Asics shorts 2.93
Peregrine 4 18
Black diamond trekking poles +duct tape 10.21
Darn Tough socks 1.57
FSO Base: 5.74

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    1. I use it for peanut butter and for anything I might get in town (usually a ben and jerrys pint!) but i realized I ditched the peanut butter and I’m not stopping at any towns!

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