Wadleigh Stream Lean-to, 38.2, 8/25

The war for my blood sitll wages on. Leeches this time. None managed to grab hold with their blood sucking jaws but many attempts lead me swimming fast for the shoreline.

There always seems to be something uncomfortable about this. Mosquitoes drove me insane. Rocks and roots twist my ankles and hurt my feet. Mud weighs my shoes down and gives me blisters. Downhills make my knees swell. But climbing Nasuntabunt mountain today I knew I was home. Sweat dripping, heart pounding, legs burning, odor increasing exponentially. I was in my place. Thats of course before I realized I was three miles away from the next stream and completely out of water.

The mice are not mousy here.

There are some weird people out on this trail. Till I meet a South bound thru hiker that is not insane, I walk alone.

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