Some serious weather surrounding the island. I guess with the favorable winds I’m getting some seriously scary stuff. The whole south and east sides of the island are surrounded by t-storms. Warnings of water spouts (aka a friggin water tornado that’ll kill you). With each minute that I spend deliberating on my options, which frankly none of which include putting even a toe in the water, the horizon is getting darker and darker. It looks like black demons just swallowed the full moon. I’m scared, very, very, very scared. So scared of abandoning the day that I waited two weeks for, prepared six months for, spent several thousand dollars on, so scared that I may need to move on, try a more dependable adventure. With the binds of med school quickly approaching I am antsy to see the world, not sit here trapped on an island waiting. But I’m scared of the disappointment I may feel in a few weeks that I missed my chance. I know The Bahamas aren’t going anywhere and I almost certainly would fail in the most horrific of ways if I set off right now, but it still troubles me beyond imagination. As I type this a squall has settled over the island. The winds have shifted from the north and picked up to 20 knots. The frequency of lightning on the horizon has increased. Strong winds and 6-9 foot swells predicted now. One of the few things that I cannot compete with is high voltage electricity. As hard as this is to say: screw this I’m not dying tonight.

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