Tour of Atlanta

This winter I searched for Georgia, Springer Mountain to be exact. I hiked 1,350 miles before finally deciding the task was not worth the risks.

Tomorrow morning I and two other cyclists will drive ten hours to Georgia to race in the Tour of Atlanta, a four day cycling event just north of the state capital.

This race begins tomorrow evening in Dawsonville, Georgia with a 6.5 mile Prologue time trial. On Saturday and Sunday the event will continue with two road races each day. On Monday, the race will conclude with a mountainous road race through the same hills I searched for this past winter. These six races comprise the 250+ mile Tour of Atlanta.

This will be my first cycling race this year and my first race as a category three. Last year I was intimidated by the upgrade, new competition, higher level, more experienced riders. But I’m not scared anymore. I’m excited, and I’m ready. Downstairs, an explosion of bikes, equipment, and clothes scatter my kitchen. But tomorrow evening everything will come together as I attempt to win my second big omnium.

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