Time to graduate

Illogical thinking is the cause of war. So does that mean logic and reason would result in world peace? I believe it would.

Animals follow simple rules of nature. Animals have a desire to reproduce and a desire to survive. They have adapted to environments to best suit their needs and grow to allow them to spread their genetic code. These are traits of every productive animal. That is, it was consistent until education and logic. Humanity is the first and only species on this planet to have overcome these animalistic cravings. That is not to say that everyone has overcome them. The world is littered with people who believe these rebellions to be satanic, preaching birth control and other modern advancements as evil. But I do believe that the overcoming of primitive urges will be the cure to every problem the world faces. I am no hippie. Hear me out. World peace is a product. But the change itself is the real goal.

The goal is a revolution in thinking, one based solely on evidence, an abandonment of faith based belief, and an adoption of a thirst for knowledge. People currently around the world are taught to believe something. That is the same kind of tactics that people use to teach that the world is 6,000 years old or that someone 2,000 years ago became pregnant without fertilization. These teachings are silly. These are the same tactics implemented to make people believe that the Jews are at fault for all problems. These are the same kind of instructions that have led to the worlds most massive genocides or the most gruesome of terrorist attacks. The war is the reason I am utterly opposed to this style of education. But the illogical is illogical, no matter the result and it should never be taught. Whether it is a professor lecturing from material taught thirty years prior or a preacher speaking on the validity of literal ancient texts or a warped man speaking on eugenics, the method is disturbing.

What I suggest instead is for people to be taught to doubt. Rather than being taught to believe something they should be taught to question it. I believe logic would result from this which I find to be humanities greatest asset. Disbelief would be our greatest defense against the bullshit we are constantly fed. From logic, intelligent discussion would travel like wild fire. People would debate surely, but the debates would be between intellectuals. Problems would be solved more rapidly without the barrier of lies. People would question everything. They would question magic and miracles and doubt anything without adequate evidence. Faith would be replaced by the overwhelmingly more powerful reality of evidence based knowledge. Confidence would soar because of acquired knowledge in lieu of injected knowledge.

Why do I think that logic would all world wars? People would have enormous conflicts within themselves. They would witness their own struggle and I believe from that would gain more respect for other people’s struggles and opinions. Ideas would be less fueled and more respectfully debated. People would understand process and realize that the only reason they have the ideas they do is because of a culmination of digestion and manipulation of an assortment of ideas. People would be rational and well-versed because the ideas they came to are their own. They embrace them but because of their own self-doubt, they see nothing in certainties. They know a probability attached to their belief but their beliefs are not as tattooed in as religion or political stance are today. Because of this, they are open to discussion and crave learning.

Illogical thinking I believe got us to where we are today just as sex did. Humans evolved to have these enormous brains and as a byproduct gained the ability to examine our place in the universe. Those who contemplated this place and only established assumptions based on evidence were lost. Those who chose instead to apply faith-based answers found their footing and were able to instead devote time to reproduce. This worked ten-thousand years ago. But I think we can see now that evidence based conclusions are much more solidified and productive. And with that sight, I believe we can abandon faith for a more sound approach to looking at our world. We can doubt our professors and anecdotal evidence for legitimate experiments. With the internet and textbook turnover every other year, we can be damn near certain on things. We no longer have to trust.

So what do we do about unanswerable questions? We ponder them. We use all the knowledge we have attained and instead of conclusions, we propose theories with probabilities. There are no certainties, even with seemingly obvious things like existence itself. So instead look at the world with clear lenses and see it for how it really is.

I truly do believe that this way of teaching and learning with promote peace. With it I see people doubting authority. I see people questioning instructions and after all the internal struggle, really standing on a belief. I see that logic based passion leading the human race to greatness instead of being simply another animal.

I am not telling to you believe what I am saying. Instead, I am asking you to doubt what I am saying, not because of what you have been told before but simply for the sake of knowing the truth. I am asking you to doubt your educators. I am asking you to doubt every element of your faith and instead analyze evidence. Because of this style of learning, I have simplified spirituality to the simple possibility of an undefinable penetrating force some describe as god. I have eliminated all illogical thinking and looked instead to evidence based thinking. I believe the human race is ready to graduate to this way of analyzing our universe instead of a primitive method of assumptions. And I truly do think that after that knowledge, we’ll also abandon the silly futile battles we have with each other and will instead recognize harmonious interdependence to accomplish something incredible.

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