Time to go

In a few minutes I will leave to drive the 14 hours to Maine, cruising past the section of the trail that will take me over two months to cover in the near future.

I have set up a page that will let friends and family see my progress. The link is:


I will be writing and hopefully posting at regular intervals. You can contact me through facebook or comments on this blog. See everyone in a few months!


3 thoughts on “Time to go”

  1. Grayson, you be careful and enjoy the experience. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs, you are an awesome young man and I am really proud of you!!! I will be thinking of you often and keeping up with you online. Hugs and kisses and we love you!!!!!

    Kem and Kevin

  2. Grayson,


    We have never actually meet, but I know who you are through EF and seeing your name on the top of the race results throughout the season. Reading your Luray race report and recent blog entrys this morning, I must say I have learned so much more about you, outside of triathlon. I truly enjoy reading them and can relate in many ways. I look foward to hearing about your adventures from the trail over the next couple months. Good luck and continue to push the limits.


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