The sacrifice for the sport


It looks like I have a place on the Duathlon age group World Championship team if I want to accept. The problem with that though is I would be setting out on the trail yet another month later. That would run my expedition into one of the coldest months of the year. I probably have to decide by tomorrow.

This is becoming the hardest part to racing. First off I have to plan out a season that is up to eight months long and secondly I have to work my life around that. Whatever gets in the way typically gets booted. I know I have potential but I have potential to go insane if I keep this up. So, I want to hike the trail, but I could do really well at worlds. Which do I give up? What I am looking at is what will provide the greatest long term effect. If I skip out on the late season races and hike the AT, will I lose results that could have propelled me to a low level sponsorship? If I skip out on the AT, will I lose interest in the sport and race poorly next year?

I have bags under my eyes from training stress. I want to hike the AT. I can go to the World Championships next year.

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