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Leroy A. Smith Shelter 11/15

Today I

Carried a conversation with a bird. I have no idea what I said in his language but I hope it was not offensive.

Today I

Saw a bear. My first wild bear ever. He sprinted his massive weight away quickly and despite the realization that he is afraid of me, it was frightening to see how quickly he could move his bulk.

Today I

Stepped in poop

Got really tired

Got un-tired. considered doing a thirty mile day

Then got really tired again and thought I might take a nap

Karate chopped a wasp

Yelled at a bird to shut up

Reminisced about the butane canister we threw in the fire at Brink Road Shelter

Twisted my ankle on a rock, cursed the rock

Cursed Pennsylvania for its rocks

Considered going home for thanksgiving

Considered skipping Pennsylvania because it sucks

Considered going home for good

Decided to continue hiking

Thinking about Georgia too much. Singing Ray Charles “Georgia always on my mind” too much.

Discovered a hole in my down booties

Discovered a hole in my shorts

Discovered a hole in my sock

Discovered a hole in the logic of a thru-hike.

Received a text message from a friend saying “I MISS YOU!” And felt everything seemed to be in its place.

Fell asleep to a crackling fire underneath the lights of a pitiful meteor shower.

Kinsman Pond Shelter, 377.5, 9/26

Today I did my first night hiking to test whether my fear truly had dissipated. Having lost my fear, I have not lost sense. I knew that running into a bear in the night would be asking for a mauling, so to warn them of my approach I sang Ray Charles’ songs the entire hike. Me singing Ray Charles’ would scare anything off the trail.

When I arrived at the shelter at 10p.m. I realized that I walked six miles in the dark with no fear. But, the night’s test had truly just begun. The shelter was overflowing with pre-pubescent boy scouts. That would be the true test.