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Profit as the solution

I watched an interesting TED talk last night. It challenged the belief that government and NGOs could be the solution to the worlds problems. Michael Porter challenges that belief with his acknowledgement that without profits, these efforts cannot effect the world on a large-scale. It seems they are unsustainable. To make something profitable, however, could bring about the global change we all look to accomplish. Whether his goals could accomplish the change that we all desire is up to debate. But it is an interesting deviation from the belief that businesses act solely in their own self-interest and are a strain on society at large.

They can be beaten

Last week I bought a refrigerator from Lowe’s and have had an enlighteningly difficult experience dealing with them. I have so often heard about the crimes of such superstores on small town living and after my most recent experience, have even more reason to find those claims absolutely hilarious. So many people have such bitterness towards Walmart and other such superstores, citing them as a terror to their town, the customers embarrassed to admit when they are forced through those well lit doors. But why such a taboo around these stores? Most can’t explain it in a logical manner, citing frustration with them ending the reign of local stores and the demise of humanity and still most people find the cheap prices of increased efficiency attractive. The funny thing I find though is that these same people seem to put these corporations on a pedestal of invincibility, essentially admitting that nothing can compete with them other than laws and their silly masqueraded protests. But with my most recent experience, a local store could easily trump the frustration and poor customer service I experienced. Continue reading They can be beaten