Summer pack list

I’m working on compiling a new pack list for an upcoming summer backpacking adventure. I wanted to get it out there to hopefully bounce ideas of some other people. Everything is weighed and listed. The tally puts it at 11.5 pounds total with 1L of water and 2.5 days of food (2lbs/day). Outside the pack, I’ll have my socks, shorts, and shirt, but will also be using Black Diamond Ultra distance trekking poles, and am 100% unsure of what shoes I will use. Any tips on comfortable, durable, lightweight trail running shoes would be much appreciated.

2 MSR carbon tent stakes 0.423
3.6sqft. cuben fiber tarp 80 in 3
Neoair x lite 8
Cuben fiber rain jacket 2
Salomon 14+3 pack 15
Sleeping bag 15
Salomon .5L collapsible bottles 2.1
Bleach 1
Hygeine 1
Bandanna 1
Spoon 0.3
Food bag 0.3
Phone+wallet 4
Spot 4
USB/batteries 2
Black diamond ion headlamp 1.7
Long sleeve shirt 5
data pages 1
lighter 0.5
Platypus 2L bottle 1.3
Pack liner .5
Water 35.2
Food 2.5d 80
Total: 179.023

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