South Pond 9/11, 222.1

I saw more moose footprints on the trail leading up here than I did human. This is supposedly a 30 mile stretch with a guaranteed moose sighting. Those elusive jerks are gonna be caught now. And there will be photographic evidence to accompany the sighting.

I arrived at South Pond at sunset and found a canoe on the shoreline. For a second I hesitated, thinking "What would my mom do?" My hesitation was quickly replaced by paddling to the pond’s center.

Streaks of cotton candy clouds were lit by the setting sun on the south western side of the lake. As I stroked with what remained of a suspectedly  chewed paddle, the only ripples across the pond were those made by the canoe.

I requpplied in Rangeley after devouring two far from personal sized pizzas. Then I ingested my third half-gallon of ice cream since starting this trip. Now I am back out in the woods with five days worth of food for a three day trip trying to see my first moose.

I managed to pitch my tent in the middle of some animal’s highway. He can’t make up his mind whether to pass at the head or foot of my tent./ He’s big enough to have footsteps and small enough to not be seen easily.As long as he does not want to eat anything of mine or me for that matter, I will be content.

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