Pulling anchors

I’m noticing a trend, and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. The second I lose obligations, the minute nothing is holding me to a certain place or a certain timeframe, I pack up, move into my car, and peace out. It’s not that I’m concerned with my love for epic adventures; it’s just that, who the hell in the right mind leaves a comfortable apartment with heat and AC and full kitchen for a cramped hatchback??

Needless to say, nothing’s likely to change in the near future. Spring break officially started yesterday at 8:30AM for me and will officially end next Monday. I’m not letting that stop me though. With no required classes the following week until Friday’s practice exam for the first round of boards that I will take over the summer, I’ll be road tripping with the pups and the epicly wonderful and tolerant of my antics gf to Red River Gorge and Mammoth Cave in Kentucky for an epic few days of rock climbing and exploring the largest cave system in the world.

Until then I’m in Richmond for a minute practicing some trad climbing techniques while safely clipped to bolts as back up and hanging out with some besties and just taking a second to not focus on studying medicine for a hot minute.

School beats the poo out of us so it’s nice to take a break. But not a day goes by that I don’t reflect and think of how happy I am and how thrilled I am with my decision to take some personal time last year to gather myself. I went into M2 round one unfocused, depressed, disinterested, and completely lost as to why I wanted to practice medicine. But after that time away, I’m content and enjoying my studies (except for the this past week where they unloaded three exams in four days on us-screw that shiz).

Pictures and stories to follow!

Until then, here are a couple pics from my practice building anchors yesterday.

Trad climbing manchester wall richmond
Practicing building an equalette-seems like the most bomber anchor, with self equalization and minimal extension. Trad climbers, feel free to critique it!
Climbing anchors manchester wall richmond
Standard cordelette with some iffy placements. Bolt FTW
Camping subaru outback sleeping platform
My sleeping arrangement in my subaru outback, good thing I’m a shorty!
Dogs seem to like the memory foam mattress.

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