Peter’s Mountain Shelter 1029.7, 11/22

Never, ever underestimate 270 rock steps. I felt like I was climbing one of those mystical Buddhist palaces up on top of a rocky mountain in the middle of nowhere. Two-hundred and seventy steps. Mind you they are not regulation step height. No, you would not have any confusion about whether to take double steps or single- no matter how tall you are.

I’ve got water now and that’s a good feeling. But my half mile detour down into the valley definitely was not the ideal way to acquire this necessity.

I took a nap today. I walked six miles from the shelter, felt overwhelmed with exhaustion as if doped, laid out my sleeping pad, jumped into my sleeping bag, and slept for four hours.

Coyotes are flipping out there. I have no idea how many but it sounds like enough to rip me up. I hope they cannot climb ladders and thankfully this shelter has a loft.

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