Homemade kayak sail completed!

My homemade kayak sail is complete and I just want to thank my wonderful aunt for all her help with it! It looks absolutely beautiful. I have yet to take it for a test run but with all the forethought, I am certain it will sail wonderfully. In the last three days I also added the outriggers and some deck rigging and cleats for the sea anchor/tow rope. I will post about them in the next couple days!

homemade kayak sail mast step
To make the base for the mast step, I filled in a deck button with resin to give me a flat surface on the top of the deck just ahead of the line on either side.

I then drilled the Ronstan tiller extension base (used as a mast step here), into the base I made. You can see the old mast step I had created directly behind it.
This is the snap shackle I used for the mast rigging. Also I added a stainless steel strap eye to the deck for the sheet. The thing on the left is the bilge pump outlet with a plug to keep water from flooding in.
These are the cam cleats I am using for the sheet and the forward line to pull the mast up. On the left is the bilge pump switch with a recessed neodymium magnet and a reed switch below deck.
homemade kayak sail
The homemade kayak sail unfurled.

homemade kayak sail Grayson Cobb

homemade kayak sail Grayson Cobb
I put grommet forward of the main batten to allow the sail to be reefed. To reef the sail, I drop it onto the deck, tie the line, and pop it back up, a two minute process that will save me in high winds.

Edit: The old mast step with just the mast set on a washer worked better than the tiller extension. I’ll be working on another post updating improvements I could foresee in version 2.0 of my homemade kayak sail and will link here when I am done! Please consider subscribing to keep updated on my future projects.

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  1. Grayson, this is AWESOME. YOU are awesome. Love that you are documenting all of the steps you are taking to build it all. By the way, that sail is HOT.

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