Gifford Woods State Park 10/5 and 10/6, 484.6

Something is not right. I am struggling every mile of hiking. Despite some amazing waterfalls on my hike today and making good progress I feel sick and sluggish. I am taking vitamins but something must be missing from my diet or maybe I am coming down with something I got while in Hanover. I think it also might be my second round of weight loss. I lost a few pounds in the 100 mile wilderness back in Maine and managed to gain some of it back. Now it must be dissipating from my increased metabolism to cope with the cold.

I could not make it to the shelter so I am tented out off the trail in a massive mud pit.

I took a day off in the woods today, staring up at the ceiling of my tent. The tube supplied me with little entertainment basically consisting of a large bug entrapped between the mesh walls of my tent and the rain fly trying to discover a path of escape.

I ate the entire day so hopefully some of my energy will be renewed in the morning. The rain has been contributing to the depth of mud beneath me and while the sleeping is comfy on a bed of mud, the thought of taking down my tent tomorrow makes me cringe.

One thought on “Gifford Woods State Park 10/5 and 10/6, 484.6”

  1. Hey Grayson, just stumbled across your blog today and went back and read a bunch of posts. I love how you are covering the whole thru-hike on your blog, that’s great. I’ve been thinking a lot about doing a thru-hike myself, possibly next year if I get my act together. Just out of curiosity, how are making these posts? Do you have a smartphone you are using to write these?

    As far as feeling down and out, buck up man, you seem like a tough guy, I’m sure you’ll get the energy back.

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