Final modifications

The setup I decided on for the outriggers is similar to Andrew McAuley’s rig for his Tasman Sea crossing. I used ram ball and socket mounts, size 1.5 inch ball on the deck on either side. I used giant 1.5 inch washers on the underside but I still think I need to reinforce the hull with some fiberglass in that area. The benefits of this design is its flexibility and convenience. It’s weakness is the stress on the hull and weight. I considered simply strapping the extra paddle to deck but realized that would be neither flexible, resilient, nor convenient. However, the load would be distributed across the hull whereas the load for the ball and socket setup is on the hull in just a 2.5 inch diameter circle. Another fault of this system is that the outrigger can slip over the ball, a problem I imagine worsens in the water. Still a work in progress but I’ll figure it out.

IMG_2210 IMG_2211

The outriggers can be deployed and retracted very easily and can also be entirely removed and stored below deck.
Needs more reinforcing to not risk snapping the hull here.
Inflatable outrigger deployed.

The cockpit cover is coming right along. I had to do some minor adjustments to the rim to make it fit better and intend to put the lip over the top to seal out water soon. Once the lip is on I can add the latches and the neoprene rubber on the rim to make it watertight. The boat is coming right along and is almost ready!

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