East Branch Lean-to, 69.8, 8/27

A mouse is standing right over-top of me looking at me. He wants my food but he is having trouble jumping from the soda can on a string to the hanging bag below. I’ve carried that weight through these woods for long enough now that he’s gonna get creamed if he manages to spoil any of my food.

I mean I would just give some to him. I think he’s one of those that steals for the kick of it though. Hate to be judgemental but he’s got that look to him. Know what I mean? He’s one of those rebellious mice out for some thrills.

These mice are not scared of us at all. They’ll walk on you if you are still too long. He’s tempting me with mice kabob’s for breakfast with his lack of skiddishness. He should be thanful I’m a vegetarian. So should the chipmunk who tried to steal my tortilla today. They used to be cute but after lunch today I lost all respect for Alvin.

I didn’t remember ordering a wake-up call for 4:50 this morning.

“It looks like it is going to be a beautiful sunrise this mroning. Have you ever seen a sunrise over water? Boy, you’re a deep sleeper. Well, it’s your decision.”

I didn’t know that 6a.m. was sleeping enough enough to be dubbed with the name late start.

I walked on a makeshift bridge today over murk the color of baby poop. I saw a footstep deep into the mud and while the incident occured hours, if not days before, I felt I have a pretty good idea of what that person said immdeiately after their mis-step.

I saw a bear footprint on the trail today. They have huge claws that are easily distinguishable from any other animal. Come to think of it, this is the last thing I want to be thinking about in woods by myself in the dark.

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