Congdon Shelter 10/13, 582.1


I once again left town too late but I think this time it’ll be my last. From here on, I walk in daylight.

A few minutes into my five mile trek to the shelter, snow flakes began falling. Soon the flakes turned to a flurry as the forest became less and less dense.  With a wall of trees on either side, the forest is easy to navigate but with trees twenty feet apart on top of lack of brush and fallen branches, the task becomes a little tricky. So as visibility dropped and the already sparse white blazes began to blend with the snow falling, the trail became less and less recognizable from the rest of the woods.

It is not bad when I get lost when I know which side of the trail I wandered from. But it this situation, I would wander from the trail and upon realizing I was in fact off the trail, have no idea which way I came from. Usually I can just turn around or turn left or right knowing I would hit the trail. But the truth was that even if I knew which way to turn to hit the trail, I would not know it if it were under my feet.

Just to juice my body up with even more adrenaline, something large with padded feet runs off from the trail in front of me. Who knows, it could have been a five hundred pound dog. But honestly, I think I would prefer a bear.

So I led my mind wandering in attempt to distract myself from the reality of the situation. But then what better than the blair witch project to pop up in there. Never, ever, ever think about The Blair Witch Project when walking in the dark in the deep woods alone. Never.

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