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Reflecting on the dangers of mountaineering

We’ve all contemplated death I assume. I can’t imagine there’s anyone out there who hasn’t pondered their demise, who wonders how it might happen, and when. Death is a theme that hangs over every patient interaction in the hospital, no matter how benign. Even the patient’s coming in for a broken arm are asked, “If your heart was to stop beating, or your were to stop breathing, would you want us to pound on your chest and put a tube down your throat?” And in my chosen hobbies I am challenged to overcome or navigate around deadly obstacles and hazards all the time. I joked with a friend this past week when we were navigating around avalanche prone slopes, trying to find a way out of blustering cold, near white-out conditions, “I’m gonna pick up golfing when I get back. Or bowling.” But in rock climbing and mountaineering, open ocean sea kayaking, road cycling, mountain biking, etc, there is always the chance of not making it home. In mountaineering and rock climbing there is even an accident report compiling all the accidents and deaths of the year. It comes in pdf format and paperback for some light coffee table reading. Continue reading Reflecting on the dangers of mountaineering

Balancing adulting vs adventuring

Nearly constantly people are trying to talk me out of doing the things I love. My mom cringes when she hears plans for the next adventure. My aunts and family friends comment on facebook pictures demanding that I come home right this instant. Park rangers warn me of the dangers up above, ski patrol reminds me they won’t rescue me, hikers exclaim how dangerous rock climbing is and how many people die doing it. They’re not wrong to have those thoughts and I’ll admit that to reconcile those sentiments and my own fears with my cravings and love for adventures in the backcountry is a constant struggle. It’s the mountaineers dilemma to balance life at home and family with our own very selfish need to explore. Continue reading Balancing adulting vs adventuring