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Backpacking is not that badass

I’m no stranger to ruffling a few feathers on the subject of backpacking. I’ve had a good time over the past couple years reflecting on some of the commentary of other backpackers criticisms of some of my decisions in the backcountry. While nothing I’ve ever done has directly affected anyone else on the trail, some of those choices have created some impassioned critiques and alternatively strong supporters. Continue reading Backpacking is not that badass

Questions of a disoriented third year medical student

“We talked about how we were the only two people in our family with any background in healthcare. I said to him, ‘In a little less than three years, I’ll be Dr. Cobb, how crazy is that?’ He looked up from his lost gaze and said ‘I hope I’m here to be able to call you that,’ and for the first time in my life I understood that he may not actually make it that long, that he was dying.”

I wrote that sentiment two years ago today and while my granddad never had the chance to call me Dr. Cobb, reading through these words today made me feel immensely better about his passing. A little over two months ago he died of respiratory failure after contracting pneumonia. I was studying for my board exam when my mom called me to let me know I should come into town. I packed up my things and was there with him and my family when he breathed some of his last breaths. Continue reading Questions of a disoriented third year medical student