Beaver Brook Shelter 390.5, 9/27

The steepest mountain in the Whites, the biggest mountain range on the trail. I had heard about this mountain called Moosilauke since day 1. I never would have imagined climbing it with the waterfall on the left spilling over onto the trail, pushing my hands and feet off the rebar supports. I never would have imagined that. And I never would have imagined doing that in the dark.

I would have to say that is the first non-arguable dumb thing I have done on this trip. It was either that or sleep in the rain though. The entire time I was telling myself how stupid I was but in hind sight, I really should have turned around and hitched into town. I would have taken mychances with a mid-night hitch any day over climbing Mt. Moosilauke with rooster tails of the massive waterfall splashing me in the face.

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