Trump Bingo

Trump BINGO, apologist edition

I have a confession. I have an unhealthy addiction. I read comments sections. I know, I know, the bane of humanity is in the comments. But my goodness when you’re feeling down about yourself, there’s no better place to get a confidence booster. What’s worse is that I deliberately hop on Fox News Facebook page and scroll through the comments. I guess after the election I was gaslighted that this was our fault so much that I actually tried to listen to the opposing arguments. But what I realized is that the circle jerk of Fox News has nothing to offer that I haven’t heard before. In fact, they’re so stuck on repeat that they continue to mention Colin Kaepernick. I’d forgotten that guy even existed but that really seemed to get their undies in a bunch.

So while there’s literally nothing new or revolutionary being presented on Fox News, there are some catchphrases and subjects the Trump apologists harp on more than others. I compiled a few of their defenses for voting for a sociopath here to make my own personal Trump Bingo but I wanted to share it with the world so we can all collectively pull our hair out and maybe get a laugh out of this horrible situation. Check these off and remember that it’s not just a feeling of deja vu when we keep seeing the same bogus arguments and fallacies over and over again.

Rules for Trump BINGO, apologist edition

  1. All boxes must be satisfied via social media posts and/or comments sections, including Facebook and Twitter.
  2. No CTRL-F or google searches.
  3. Every time you check one off, I encourage you to reply to the original comment or post letting them know they helped you check off a box in Trump BINGO!
  4. If you find yourself uncontrollably pulling your hair out while playing Trump BINGO, I encourage you to call your congressman and/or senator and let them know how moronic the voting population is.

Trump Bingo

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