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Trump repealing DACA

Since the election last Tuesday, I’ve been very disoriented and confused and not quite sure what to make of the future of the country and my family. I grew up in a Republican household, my dad is a small business owner and understandably wanted fewer taxes and regulations to allow him to grow his business. My mom listened to Fox and Friends every morning while she drove us to school, CNN was never on, the New York Times was not our daily paper, and my parents had always voted Republican with the exception of our family friend and neighbor, Tim Kaine. I remember growing up thinking Bill Clinton, AL Gore, and John Kerry were entirely unfit for the job of president. But I couldn’t have told you why other than that’s just the way I grew up. But with the recent fear of a Trump presidency and more specifically Trump repealing DACA and their other attacks on marginalized groups in this country, we’ve all drifted from any semblance of understanding of the Republican Party. Continue reading Trump repealing DACA

An open letter to Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

I came into town just now and saw the secret service was gone. As I was pulling into my parent’s driveway I noticed everything looked different; it looked the way things used to look before Tim’s nomination for VP. The black SUVs were gone, the trailer was gone, the cop cars, and other cars parked outside of my parent’s home were all gone. And with the realization of what that all meant, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I sat in my car for a moment attempting, once again, to comprehend the reality of this situation. And I cried. Continue reading An open letter to Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine